Untitled Artists London | Lindsey Poole
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Lindsey Poole

Hair & Make Up

Lindsey Poole is a London based makeup artist. She developed a passion for makeup at an early age inspired by 90’s supermodel glamour. After studying at Greasepaint Makeup School she began her career in films but quickly discovered her area of interest was fashion and beauty. Lindsey is best at capturing natural beauty with emphasis on perfecting skin rather than masking it, making her popular with celebrity and fashion clients. Lindsey has worked with reputable photographers such as David Loftus, Peter Pedomonou, Ben Riggott, Paul Stuart, Matthew Eades, Jenny Lewis, Suki Dhanda, Katie Wilson, Alex James, producing work for publications such as Red Magazine, Elle, Vogue, Porter, Harper’s, Superior magazine and Good Housekeeping to name a few.

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